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Locker Room Lust

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MMF Romance

Allison moved to Texas to go to college and was surprised by the different type of jocks she encountered in Texas. They were cowboys, but also the star players of the school. She particularly liked one particular cowboy named Drake who turned out to be a star player on the ice hockey team, which she was unaware of. After one night of sitting on the porch due to her insomnia, Drake walks by and joins her and shows her how cowboys do it. However he mysteriously runs off in a rude manner. That is until Allison's roommate has to interview the team's coach and makes her go with him to the practice rink and locker rooms. There, Allison get trapped in the equipment room. When Drake comes to her rescue he brings along a teammate, who then show Allison how to use their equipment.

How To Write A Groom's Speech

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"Steve's guide is a must-read for any groom. As a wedding photographer I have attended in excess of 200 ceremonies and have witnessed many a flustered groom in a state of panic during their speech, primarily attributed to poor preparation. Steve's step-by-step approach will ensure all your foundations are in place to deliver an engaging, heartfelt and humorous speech... just like Steve's was!" - Rob Tarren, professional wedding photographer."Steve's speech was fabulous. It was thoughtfully planned and brilliantly delivered. He made everyone feel very special- a great format for other grooms to adapt."- Pav Saunders, educational consultant."I loved the structure and style of Steve's speech so much I used it myself at my wedding. A superb template!" - Jason Kane, groom."After using Steve's groom's speech as a template, I found writing my own much easier than it would have been. My guests loved it." - Daniel Toth, groom.Have a pen and paper ready, or your laptop open, and get ready to write your speech. This is a step-by-step guide for anyone, using a real groom's speech that was planned, prepared and delivered!Find out what to incude, why you should include it and hear some invaluable tips along the way.Chapters include:1.Introduction - My story2.What should the groom's speech include?3.How to make an outline plan of your speech4.Welcome and general opening of your speech5.Thanks to new in-laws6.Thanks to own mother and father7.Thanks to maid of honour and bridesmaids8.Thanks to groom's party9.Thanks to pageboys, flower girls and venue10.Speech about your wife11.Introduction of best man12.Wedding day advice for the groom13.Extra jokes you could use14.Steve's speech in fullCover Photograph: Rob Tarren Photograpy

A Wonder Book For Boys And Girls

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The classic books of children's stories A Wonder Book for Boys and Girls by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Included in this book are the following stories:

  • The Gorgon's Head
  • The Golden Touch
  • The Paradise Of Children
  • The Three Golden Apples
  • The Miraculous Pitcher
  • The Chimaera

Enjoy A Wonder Book for Boys and Girls by Nathaniel Hawthorne today!

A Room Of One's Own

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'But, you may say, we asked you to speak about women and fiction - what has that got to do with a room of one's own?'

A Room of One's Own grew out of a lecture that Virginia Woolf had been invited to give at Girton College, Cambridge in 1928. Ranging over Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte and why neither of them could have written War and Peace, over the silent fate of Shakespeare's gifted (and imaginary) sister, over the effects of poverty and chastity on female creativity, she gives us one of the greatest feminist polemics of the century.

About the Author

Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) is now recognised as a major 20th century author, a great novelist and essayist, and a key figure in literary history as a feminist and modernist.


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